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Tropical Times is back online

You are in luck!  Dave has been making me nuts about not maintaining Tropical Times and I said, "Catch some damned fish and I'l fix it and update." To which he said, "I'll get lobster."  And he did. So I uploaded the photos to the Gallery from Mini-Lobster Season and proceded to pull the guts of Tropical Times back together.    I have the Kritter Report set up on the bottom left and the Neighborhood Watch will show up beneath it in a little while.  I have a blog -- well several blogs -- and in order to keep Tropical Times current I'll be scaling back the blogs. posts. 

Blast from the past ...

Wherein I resurrect old articles as I rebuild in the new format, laugh my ass off and decide to share.  It's my way.  This week?

  Iterations of an article

What's New

This is the new look of Tropical Times.  I've added a login for archives and articles that need a layer or two of protection.  Registration is free.  If you want me to give you rights to the back rooms you will need to email me after you register.


Oh.. You mean where are all the pictures and articles and Tropical Times snark on life in the Florida keys.  Well.  I just did figure out a permissions error. Rebuild of the rest of Tropical Times should be going like gang busters from here on out.  Until then Tropical Times is still kinda "Under Construction".  Thanks for checking in.

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